doesn't really have any history. We're a guild that is focused on one single game : Wildstar. Throughout the time that the guild has been active, we'd been able to gather some of the top players of the realm, and forge friendships that will hopefully last a long time. We strive to have a good attitude about the game AND eachother, and seek to hammer through all of the endgame Wildstar content. 

Above,  At a Glance : 

Faction : Dominion
Time Zone : EST
VOIP : Teamspeak 3
Loot System : Loot Council
Raiding Status : Currently raiding in GA

What to Expect :
  • Skilled players that seek to help out the community, and are very knowledgable about the game
  • Fun raid nights (Fun Facts, sillyness, and sound boards)
  • Progression. We're here to drop bosses and get some loot.
  • Friendship. Because that makes us all feel warm and fuzzy.

What we Expect of YOU :
  • Class Knowledge. We can help you iron out the kinks, but you need to be a master of your class.
  • Competitive mindset. We're looking for players who want to be some of the top on the realm.
  • Good Attitude. You'll have to learn to accept that you're not always right, and need to be ready to accept new methods.
  • Game Knowledge. We can help you with this, but we want players who know how to maximize their gains in Wildstar.

Official Raid Times :

Tuesday : 8:30 PM - 12:30 AM EST

Wednesday : 8:30 PM - 12:30 AM EST

Thursday : 8:30  PM - 12:30 AM EST